Building Strong, Healthy & Resilient communities.

Community is a powerful concept. It can mean many things to many people. What we have learned over the years is that we are all better off when people don’t just think about themselves but think beyond their own immediate needs and concerns. We believe that people caring for their friends and neighbors builds strong, healthy and resilient communities. It builds the social trust that holds our communities together. THIS is the power of community!

We were very fortunate this past year to work with individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations that demonstrate this care and concern for their neighbors every day. We were grateful to support their efforts to enhance emergency services, preserve our historical landmarks, increase affordable housing, advocate for at-risk children and much more.

Over $3.3 million was awarded this past fiscal year in competitive, donor-advised and other grants. The foundation currently manages over $33.4 million in community assets and hosts a variety of programs that lift up and support the vital work of the charitable sector. Our Youth Philanthropy Grants Program exposes area youth to the joy of giving back. Our Nonprofit Leadership Program hones the leadership skills of our agency partners. And our annual Fremont Area Big Give showcases the important work being done every day by our nonprofit community.

This year’s annual report provides some highlights of the great work happening throughout the Fremont area. We know that none of this happens without YOU! You care about building social trust and understand that partnerships make good things possible. You make all the difference, and YOU are truly the Power of Community!

Thank you for all you continue to do. We are honored to be your partner in building a better Fremont area for all.

Melissa Diers Executive Director
Jennifer Bixby Board President